Hey Golfers!

Thanks for visiting the new GolfNorthTexas.com blog. Our goal with this blog is to create a community for North Texans who love golf and want to support their local golf community. Our community support will focus on locally owned courses and local golf programs like the Northern Texas PGA Junior Tour.

Most of you have your 3-5 courses that you play 90% of the time and are probably on a first name basis with the staff. You surely want these courses to succeed and stay in great shape year round. Unfortunately, many of these courses are struggling to make ends meet right now. There are many factors as to why, but a large reason is the influx of online tee time providers that sell times the courses no longer own. Ever book a tee time at 80% off? That tee time was most likely not owned by the course you played that day and the course received $0 in revenue for your round. These online operators pretend to be a partner to courses, but in reality increase competition and reduce the average rate courses receive.

I know what some of might be thinking, "I'm ok with that. Why would I want to pay more for golf?" If that is what you are thinking, then you must also ask yourself if you expect excellent course conditions, a reasonable pace of play and a well trained professional staff. Because if you do, a $10 tee time is not in line with those expectations. While paying $10 for a tee time might sound nice, this is really a short term game. No course can survive on those rates and sooner or later, your favorite course will begin to deteriorate or close the doors. Nobody wants that.

What our local community needs is a place for golf course operators to offer golfers competitive, yet fair prices for their course. Golfers will know they are getting a good deal and supporting their favorite course at the same time.

We have launched www.golfnorthtexas.com to do just that. 100% of our tee times are owned by the courses and they control all the pricing listed. Every time book supports not only the course, but also the Northern Texas PGA Junior Golf Foundation. Golf North Texas donates 10% of our revenues to the foundation in hopes of supporting the next generation.

I will use this blog to have an open conversation about the game we all love and local community that needs your support. And if I can help improve your game with some quick swing tips along the way, even better!

I want to know what you think.
Do you agree/disagree with me?
What are we doing well/not doing well at?

I am excited to hear from you.